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FU KAM INTERNATIONAL(HONGKONG)CO.,LTD is a specializing in the distribution of specialty chemicals .  We distribute a wide range of adhesives, sealants,lubricants, coatings,  specialty chemicals, Not only is our product line extensive, but we are the only integrator specializing in the supply and logistics of specialty chemicals. FUKAM INTERNATIONAL(HONGKONG)CO.,LTD  is a professional company of sales agent which is in the line of the import connector and related wiring harness . It owes Years of professional experience and accumulated extensive industry resources . Our company insists on the belief that honesty is the origin and customer is the first to provide the highest quality, most efficient, most professional products and services to our clients.
At Fu Kam International we dedicate ourselves to servicing the customer and exceeding their expectations on a daily basis. It is our belief that no customer owes us their business, and to that end, we pledge to treat every order like the first order.  That attentive treatment of each order is enhanced with our Electronic Data Interchange System to create a truly accurate ordering process. Furthermore, we understand the importance of timely and accurate deliveries and have developed quality inventory management programs to ensure this takes place on a routine basis.  We have been recognized as an industry leader that provides consistently
accurate and timely delivery of products with the requested expert certifications, as well as the documentation and complete labeling that our customers require.
   Fu Kam Internatinal's goal is to be the most capable and knowledgeable supplier of specialty chemicals and adhesives in the marketplace.We have a strong commitment to our employees and customer satisfaction, both of which we believe to be the cornerstones of our success.

Main Products:

1.Connector/Terminal/tube: YAZAKI, SUMITOMO, FURUKAWA, TOKAIRIKA, SHINAGAWA SHOKO,Sumiko TEC, IWASE ,HIROSE, Kyocera, MITSUBISHI,  JST,  JAE , KET , Molex Amphenol , FCI, Tyco , ENRI , Dephi ,3M etc.


2.Cemedine Aadhesives: 
<1> Super-X Series:
Super  X No.8008
Super X No.8008(AX-018), Super X No.8008Black(AX-019), Super X No.8008clear(AX-096),Super XL Black.
<2> SX720:
<3> Epoxy Resin Adhesive:
One-part thermosetting epoxy resin adhesive:
Two-part to be cured at normal temperature adhesive:
1500,1565,Super,1590,High-super 5,High-quick,Excel-EPO,EP001,EP007,EP008,EP330,EP331.
<4> Elastic adhesive:PM100,PM155,PM165,PM300,PM200(210),EP001;
<5> Instantaneous Adhesive(Industrial Use): 3000RX,3000RXF,3000RXL,3000RXM,3000RXH,3000DXL,3000DXH.

3.ShinEtsu Silicone / silicone grease:
<1> General electrical applications:KE-3423,KE-347,KE-3475,KE-3495,KE-4895,KE-4896,KE-1830,KE-1884,KE-3479,KE-348KE-4897,KE-4898,KE-1820,KE-1825,KE-1831,KE-1833,X-32-1947;KE-1056,KE-1151,KE-1842,X-32-1964;
<2> Flame-resistance:
<3> General purpose industrial / RTV Silicone:
<4> silicone grease:

SE4485  SE4420 SE9184W  SE9168 SE9189L/W/G  SE9186L  CN8760A/B  DC734   DC3165  SE9186  SE9187L  SE9187  1-2577LV 170 SC102 3-1953 OS-20 3140 3145  3140 DC737,DC732,DC736,DC734,DC7091,DC111,DC340,3140.3145,SE9187L,SE9186,SE4420,3-1953,1-2577,os-20,EM-30,EM-50,HP-300,HP-500.

5.NPC Lubricants: NFL-550, NFL-550E, NFL-551, NFH-743C, NK-A7420, A-74, NK-74C, AF-20, I-78NO.2, I-164NO.2.

6.Kanto Kasei / Floil Lubricants /Hanarl: G-311、G-311S、G-741、G-424Z、G-474B、G-902、G-902S、G-347CA、951P-100、G-355、G-2000B、G-902M、G-488、GB-TS-1、GB-TS-M、GB-TS-1、G-488M、946P、947、GE-334C、GE-676、G-351、G-347CA、G-347N、G-355、G-488M、G-526、G-664、G-647、TC-55E、TC-4N、G-754、GB-TS-0、GT-TS-1、G-31-SB、G-31-SABL、G-902、G-741、TG-12、TG-112、GP-1000R、GP501A、GP40、 GP-655、GP-574、GP-608、946P、947P、948P、949P 、9448P、949P 、951P-32、951P-68、951P-100、UD-321、UD-321-RED、SF-106B、LK-123、CTX-4514、FD-CD9、SF-750、CD-66、KS-39M、FG-60HY、FG-70HY.

7.Harves (DRYSURF) Lubricants, grease: HLV-60,HLV-80,KD-4,KD-1,HF-800S,MDF-2400E,MDF-2400EL,A-1340,,MZ-800SEL,A-2107,A-2107C2.MDF-2400E,MDF-2400EB,MDF-2400EF,A-39CY

8.Molykote PD-910.EM-30L,EM-50L,EM-60L HP-300 PG-6411.

9.Sankol Lubricants: CFD-409Z, CFD-105, CFD-810Z,MEN-223R,CFD-5010Z, CFD-5007Z etc.

10.NICHIBAN TAPES: No.405,CT-18,CT-24,CRCT-18,LP-18,LP-24 NO.320 NO.2311 NO.2312 NO.241 NO.241 NO.102 NO.533 etc.

11.Humiseal: 1A20,1A27,1A27NS,1A27NS LU,1A33,1B12,1B31,1B31LOC,1B31EPA,1B51,1B51NS,1B51NS LU,1B58LU,1B66,1B66NS,1B66NS LU,1B73,1B73LOC,1B73EPA,1C49,1C51,1C55,
Thinner: 503,521,535,600,604,605,701,800,801,802,901,904,905.

12.Diabond/Maxbond: NO.1600,NO.1663 NO.1663G NO.1663GB NO.1603HFR ,MAX508,PSA6700,MAX1603HFR-HS.

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