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Fuji UF317H UF330H

  • Fuji UF317H UF330H
  • Fuji UF317H UF330H
Model No.︰UF317H UF330H
Brand Name︰FUJI
Country of Origin︰Japan
Unit Price︰US $ 60 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

In response to consumer demand for even slimmer, more light-weight mobile appliances, the corresponding level of integration needed to meet this requirement led to the development of BGA (Ball Grid Array) and CSP (Chip Size Package) technology, thus replacing previously used QFP (Quad Flat Pack) components. Now in widespread use throughout the electronics industry, BGA and CSP components are connected to the circuit board by means of minute solder balls. However, stresses such as heat cycling, board warping and thermal shock, can sometimes interrupt the connection between the BGA and/or the CSP and the circuit board. To prevent this, Fuji Chemical have developed Seal-glo UF300 Series, an underfill agent which readily penetrates the gaps between the BGA and/or CSP and the circuit board, in turn, contributing to improved bonding reliability. As Seal-glo UF300 Series hardens, it reduces stress and also reinforces the solder bonding. Easily repairable, Seal-glo UF300 Series permits the re-use of expensive electronic parts and circuit boards, thus offering substantial savings.


Item Appearance Viscosity Gelation time Tg Shelf life Curing condition Package


Black 3000mPa・s 23 sec. 95℃ 8 month(10℃) 120℃×10 min. -
Seal-gloUF317H Black 1600mPa・s 16 sec 53℃ 8 month(10℃) 120℃×10 min 140g
Seal-gloUF330H Black 3300mPa・s 16 sec 72℃ 8 month(10℃) 120℃×10 min 160g
Seal-gloF346HW White 1400mPa・s 18 sec 19℃ 8 month(10℃) 120℃×5 min 180g

RoHS Pass / Halogen Free


Price Terms︰FOB Hongkong, FOB Shenzhen
Payment Terms︰TT
Product Image

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