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Cemedine SX-720B,SX-720W,SX-720WH,SX-720BH

  • Cemedine SX-720B,SX-720W,SX-720WH,SX-720BH
  • Cemedine SX-720B,SX-720W,SX-720WH,SX-720BH
  • Cemedine SX-720B,SX-720W,SX-720WH,SX-720BH
Model No.︰SUPER SX-720W
Brand Name︰Cemedine
Country of Origin︰Japan
Unit Price︰US $ 17.5 / pc
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description

Flame-retardant elastic adhesive for electronic devices SX720 Series


  1. Nonflammable product (UL94V-O listed). (file No.E178790) 
  2. One-part elastic adhesive capable of curing at room temperature and humidity. 
  3. Quick initial adhesion, high tack power for various types of materials, and excellent durability. 
  4. Safe and global environment-friendly adhesive. 
    Employs no halogen-based, antimony oxide, or phosphorus-based materials. 
    Designated 14 chemical substances under the guideline of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare are not used. 
  5. Siloxane-free 
    There is not including low molecular weight cyclosiloxane. 
    *D3 to D10 Cyclosiloxane compound


  • Fixing of circuit boards such as condenser and coil
  • Sealing of power supply and transformer for insulation
  • Sealing of electronic components for waterproofing


  SX720 Series
SX720W SX720WH SX720B SX720BH
Application / Properties / Features For Electronic devices・UL94 V-0 Certified
Type One component type Elastic adhesive
Base Special polymer containing silyl group
Appearance White Paste Black Paste
Viscosity Pa・s/23°C 42 82 42 82
Specific gravity g/cm3 1.59 1.58 1.59 1.58
Skin over time 23°C 9min 7min 9min 7min
Adhesive property Tensile shear strength MPa 4.0 3.1 4.0 3.1
T peel strength N/mm 0.9 1.1 0.9 1.1
Curing properties Hardness Shore A 78 78 78 78
Glass transfer point °C -60 -62 -60 -62
Breaking strength MPa 3.8 3.6 3.8 3.6
Elongation at break % 100 50 100 50
Electric Characteristics Volume resistivity Ω・cm 3.0 x 1012 2.0 x 1012 1.5 x 1012 1.6 x 1012
Dielectric constant 100Hz 6.3 6.0 7.0 6.2
Dielectric loss tangent 100Hz 0.4 0.3 0.4 0.3
Capacity standards 200g 200g 200g 200g
333ml 333ml 333ml 333ml
Price Terms︰FOB Hongkong, FOB Shenzhen
Payment Terms︰TT
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