• ShinEtsu KE-441
  • ShinEtsu KE-441
  • ShinEtsu KE-441
  • ShinEtsu KE-441

ShinEtsu KE-441

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Product Description

General Electric and then fixed with
KE44-sealing, insulation, non-corrosive, strong adhesion
KE45-UL94HB certification, high adhesion, non-corrosive,
KE347-universal type RTV, low viscosity, moisture, good
KE3497-MIL qualified products, to prevent electrical short-circuit use, good insulation
KE4896-low molecular weight, non-corrosive, general and then with the seal with the UL Safety Certification
KE40RTV-94V-0 certification, strong adhesive, non-corrosive, Display
KE402-94V-0 Electrical Then, insulation, sealing with
KE3490-94V-0 low molecular weight, high temperature resistance, excellent flame resistance of
KE3494-thermal plastic
KE4560-heat type, thermal conductivity of 0.84W / m K
KE3493-high thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of 1.67W / m K

KE441-KE445 high adhesion, coated, heating pipe sealing with

KE3475-no corrosion, for high-demand electronic contact, drape, etc.
KE45TS-mobility, high adhesion, ultra-thin coated, moisture-proof use

KE1204-electronic potting glue, two-component liquid, commonly used electronic potting adhesive, after curing � � elastic rubber body temperature -50 to 200 degrees

G746-thermal compound - Oil-shaped - White - common type, thermal conductivity of 0.92W / m K, resin sealed transistor with
G747-thermal compound - Oil-shaped - White - G746 increased the thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of 1.09W / m K
KS612-thermal compound - Oil-shaped - White - Heat use, thermal conductivity of 0.63W / m K
KS609-thermal compound - Oil-shaped - White - Common use, thermal conductivity of 0.75W / m K
KF96-silicone oil - liquid - colorless and transparent - general use, apply to electronic, electrical appliances, moisture, insulation
KF99-silicone oil - liquid - colorless and transparent
KR112-silicone - Liquid - colorless and transparent
KR251-silicone - Liquid - colorless and transparent
KR255-silicone - Liquid - colorless and transparent

KE17-mold molding plastic - two-component - off-white - hardness of 50, operating time 30 minutes
KE24-mold molding plastic - two-component - off-white - hardness of 80, operating time 30 minutes
KE112-mold molding plastic - two-component - Gray - hardness of 60, operating time 60 minutes
G30-lubricants - Grease-like - off-white paste - low-temperature lubrication, general use
G40M-lubricants - Grease-like - Beige Oil-like - high-temperature lubrication use, in line with the U.S. MIL-L-15719A standard
G501-lubricants - Grease-like - white - light yellow oil-like - plastic parts, compressor bearing lubrication with marked effect
G330/G332- Lubricants - Grease-like - yellow grease-like - for high-load under the lubrication of machine parts can also be used in low temperature areas

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