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Mitsubishi Plastics MS-9002 C-850

  • Mitsubishi Plastics MS-9002 C-850
  • Mitsubishi Plastics MS-9002 C-850
  • Mitsubishi Plastics MS-9002 C-850
  • Mitsubishi Plastics MS-9002 C-850
  • Mitsubishi Plastics MS-9002 C-850
Model No.︰C-850 MS-9002
Brand Name︰Mitsubishi
Country of Origin︰Japan
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

Mitsubishi Plastics,Inc.
We have built over 30years relationship with Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. We have been trying to develop market of various products of Mitsubishi to all over the world as an official distributor. Now we mainly export to Asian countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, South east of Asian countries.
HISHI PLATE Hishi Plate is used for materials of manufacturing equipments and devices for Semi-conductor, LCD, PCB in high-tech industries. Also there are materials available in Hishi Plate, such as lead free plate to meet environmental regulations, and fire- retardant plate approved by the FM4910 standard.

ALSET Alset is a composite coil which is made of plastic film and metal sheet. Both plastic film and metal sheet are firmly adhered by special surface treatment without adhesive. This materials has been used widely for various kinds of electronic parts and components.

IBUKI "IBUKI" is a super engineering plastic film that greatly shortens the manufacturing process for multi-layer circuit boards.

Used for the base material is polyetheretherketon (PEEK), a recyclable thermoplastic resin film.

In the multi-layer circuit board production process, meanwhile, this enables individual board layers to be independently generated with patterns, and then simply stacked and heat pressed to easily form integrated or build up multi-layer boards.
This is a major step in shortening the manufacturing process and cutting the costs involved.

Thermal Forming, Thermal Press
Easy to form and press at low temp.(approx. 200degC).
Thermal margin at forming and pressing are wide.
Excellent dimension stability.
Linear Expansion property is controllable.
Good for Processing.
High density PWB without glass cloth.
Narrow pitch drilling, laser through hole process.
Plating by any kind of system available.

Other properties
Solder resistivity >300degC.
Low moisture absorption.
High frequency properties
Combustibility – UL-VTM0, non-halogen.
No outgas.

Current Application
Batch processed Multi-layered PWB.
>> Multi-layered Interposer PWB for PKG.
Batch processed Multi-layered PWB w/components(SIP PWB).
Multi-layered FPC board.
FPC board for connecting PWBs.
Core PWB for Build-up PWBs.
Metal Based PWB.
Conductive past for IBUKI.

DIALAMY DIALAMY is fire-retardant polyester film developed by MITSUBISHI PLASTICS INC. by using its unique fire retardant technology and state-of the-art processing technology. Compliant with the UL Standards 94-VTM-0 as polyester film, it has excellent fire retardant property.

DIANIUM DIANIUM is a fire retardant electric insulation sheet in non-halogen series and is qualified in UL regulation. Like heat-resistant polyvinyl chloride sheet, the sheet is available for punching and bending works. It is mainly used as an insulating material for electric and office equipment.

SUPERIO-UT "SUPERIO-UT"a ultra heat-resistant engineering plastic film made of "ULTEM"(polyetherimide resin "PEI") developed by GE Plastics, Inc.(USA) employing Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.'s technology.There are two types of products, E and F type and especially F type is suitable for insulation material as it has an excellent heat resistance under stress and solvent resistance.

VINYFOIL ·Characteristics
1.Conformed to fire retardant standards.(UL-94 VTM-0, V-0)
2.Excellent high-heat resistance.
3.Excellent anti-static properties and small dimensional.
4.Excellent procession properties for punching, bending, printing and forming.
5.Uniform embossing, resistant to scratches and fingerprint traces.
6.Containing no fire retarding chemicals, such as bromine.

1.Electrical insulation material.
2.Office automation equipment.
3. Nameplates.

KEIJU ·Characteristics
1.Thin layer, high accuracy of film thickness and available in long length.
2.As it has protective cover sheet (polyester film), keeps the film from dust gathering and easy secondary handling.
3.Embossed film improving surface slippage is available.
4.Film of low molecular weight and reduced siloxane content is available for electric and electronic applications.
5.Silicon/PET film adhesion type is also available.
6.Modified silicon rubber layer can be made and available.

1.Cushion material for LCD Panel.
2.Slippage-proof sheet.
3.Masking material.
4.Sheet for heat press.
5.Water and moisture proof packing..

shrinkable film
shrinkable film Heat shrinkable film with superb transparency and luster.Its series is available in the polystyrene "DXL Film," polyester "HISHIPET" and the PVC "HISHIREX".This shrink film line up currently provides a neat fit for PET bottles and various other container types.

Hishi Metal
Hishi Metal "HISHIMETAL" is plastic film laminated steel sheet that combines the toughness of steel with the superb function and design qualities of plastic.

The fabrication method is the same as that used with general steel processing, with this sheet genre now serving in a broad range of fields primarily as building interior design and exterior facing materials, road soundproofing walls, and parts and materials in consumer electronics, vehicles, steel furniture and other products.

The base material metal sheet comes in galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other variations, while the plastic film is available in vinyl chloride, olefin, polyester and fluorine types.

Hishi Metal EX
White board application
Refrector board for Sign Board
Transparent film , mat which are used specially for clean room curtain This PVC film is Anti-static semi-conductive and fire-retarded.
  • Half Life of charged voltage by friction on this flm is under 1 seconds
  • Possible to manufacture both side of the film
  • No dropping of conductive coating such as carbonate coating, because anti-static agent is not coated but compounded on this film

Application :(for clean room)
  • Curtain for controling airflow.
  • A dust jacket
  • Mat.

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