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Cemedine Adhesive Sealant 575F, 201F, 210F
Cemedine Adhesive Sealant 575F, 201F, 210F  US $ 15.3
Epoxy Resin Adhesive PM series Epoxy resin adhesive refers to the adhesive which cures chemicals containing epoxy group with amines and acid anhydride. Features Reactive adhesive Solventless No gas produced during curing process Excellent adhesive strength Excellent heat and chemicals r...
Cemedine EP001K,EP138
Cemedine EP001K,EP138  CNY ¥ 85
Epoxy Resin Adhesive Epoxy/silyl terminated polyether elastic adhesive Features This two-part reactive mixture—an epoxy/silyl terminated polyether elastic adhesive—offers a flexible and resilient property that, in clear contrast to the hard and brittle characteristic of conventional epoxy resin ...
Cemedine Super X NO8008 L Black 170g
Cemedine Super X NO8008 L Black 170g  CNY ¥ 17.5
Elastic adhesive | Super X Cemedine Super X is an innovative one-part, quick cure adhesive with three key features: "Pressure-sensitive adhesion", "Elastic adhesion" and "Solvent-free adhesion", which are the ideal properties of adhesives. It is used around the world. Features Multi-purpose adhe...
Cemedine SX-720B,SX-720W,SX-720WH,SX-720BH
Cemedine SX-720B,SX-720W,SX-720WH,SX-720BH  US $ 1
Flame-retardant elastic adhesive for electronic devices SX720 Series Features Nonflammable product (UL94V-O listed). (file No.E178790)    One-part elastic adhesive capable of curing at room temperature and humidity.    Quick initial adhesion, high tack power for various typ...
CEMEDINE UT100B 125ML  CNY ¥ 33.5
UT100B L746C QOQW2 Certified product(File No.E324741)  125mL/tube
Cemedine SX-PPK1000(EXP) 333ml
Cemedine SX-PPK1000(EXP) 333ml  US $ 55.5
Cemedine  SX-PPK1000(EXP) 333 ML/Cartridge Features Designed for polypropylene (PP) materials Excellent adhesion to polypropylene resin, which is normally adhesive-resistant.   One-part type Does not require primer application ,improving the work environment and increas...
Cemedine Adhesive SX7700
Cemedine Adhesive SX7700  CNY ¥ 60.5
Elastic adhesive | Highly heat-resistant Elastic Adhesive  SX7700 320ML/Cartridge Features This highly heat-resistant adhesive can be used at temperatures of up to 150°C, maintaining stable adhesive properties even in harsh temperature environments. Contains no low-molecular siloxanes, whi...
Cemedine SX1008
Cemedine SX1008  US $ 50
Elastic adhesive | Thermal Conductive Elastic Adhesive  SX-TCA series Features Forms a highly thermally conductive elastic body and offers long-lasting thermal radiation at a high level. Contains no low-molecular silicones, which can cause electrical contact failure. Can be used to reduce...
Bond,Seal SX-UV100A / SX-UV220 / SX-UV400
Bond,Seal SX-UV100A / SX-UV220 / SX-UV400  US $ 155
Cemedine SX-UV100A / SX-UV220 1KG/CAN  

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